A Valentine’s Ode to Rhino Linings PE

In the realm of trucks and bakkies bold,

A love story unfolds, both cherished and told.

With Rhino Linings PE, the passion ignites,

For our vehicles, gleaming under city lights.


Oh, Rhino, my Rhino, my automotive heart,

A love affair that sets us apart.

Your rugged embrace, a valentine so true,

In Rhino Linings, we find love anew.

Spray-on devotion, a sweet caress,

Armour for my car, a love no less.


Protecting from scratches, like a tender kiss,

In Rhino’s embrace, automotive bliss.

On Valentine’s Day, let’s make a toast,


To Rhino Linings, the love we boast.

For bakkies that shine, oh, so divine,

In Rhino’s love, forever we entwine.


So, let your car feel the love it deserves,

With Rhino Linings, joy preserves.

A valentine’s gift, a love so grand,

For vehicles cherished, across the land. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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